Crappie Magnet Double Cross Jig Head- 5pk

Crappie Magnet


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The Double Cross jig head's unique design holds any jig body longer without compromising the hook gap. Currently available in 1/16, 1/8 oz sizes in 4 fish catching colors: Nickel, White, Pink, and Chartreuse! While the original Crappie Magnet Heads work well, we now recommend the Double Cross jig heads with the Crappie Magnet bodies. Their extra-long and lead-shanked features help to create a perfect balance!


  • HOLDS PLASTIC BETTER: Barbs on the side holds plastic better than other style barbs

  • SHARP BLACK NICKEL HOOK: Extra sharp black nickel size 3 jig hook

  • EYES OPEN: HIgh quality paint with bright colors and eye of the hook open ready to fish.

  • PERFECT HOOK GAP:: This jig is designed with a long but shallow hook gap perfect for catching fish but not brush. Most popular sizes- 1/16, ⅛

  • LIGHT BUT STRONG: Strong but light wire: This jig is strong but light enough to free itself should you tangle it in structure.

  • Our size 3 hook makes the perfect crappie hook by combining the length of a size 2 and the gap of a size 4. This light-wire, extra-sharp, and black/nickel colored hook is not only strong enough to hold your crappie, but also light enough to free itself should you tangle it in structure.