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B'n'M Capps & Coleman Minnow Rigs are the exact rigs used by Ronnie Capps and Steve Coleman to dominate the pro crappie tournament circuit the last several years, to the tune of 6 National Championships and more than $1.3 million in winnings.

Designed for fishing live bait vertically while slow trolling at any depth. Tese rigs are tied on premium monofilament, precisely measured, and fitted with an egg sinker, a twist-reducing 3-way swivel, and Eagle Claw® 214EL Aberdeen #2 hooks (2 hooks per rig, each on separate leaders) proven to minimize lost fish and avoid hangups. Each rig comes individually stored on a leader keeper and will save you a ton of rigging time(up to 15 minutes!); tie just one knot, bait up, and go! No mixed sizes.

6 rigs per package.

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